What’s ‘good’ in food & bev marketing?

Today, “good” means different things to different brands.

Once, it simply described taste. No more. Today, in food & bev marketing, the definition has expanded to include more complex attributes and values. For different brands, “good” can describe everything from fair-trade ingredients to worker benefits.

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August 25, 2021, 11-Noon

We’re hosting a panel discussion on the evolving definition of “good” in food & beverage marketing. Get insights from Quaker CMO Kristin Kroepfl, National Pork Board SVP for Strategy & Innovation Jarrod Sutton, and Joe Prewett, EVP, Brand at Tillamook on the evolving definitions they use with different audiences.

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3 ways to source ‘good’ for your brand

Over the past few years, most every brand has invested in their supply chain; optimizing growing and sourcing, innovating manufacturing and production, reducing packaging and water consumption. Every one of these investments provides a story of “good” your audience wants to hear. What latent assets lie in your brand’s supply chain?

Long ago, the food community learned the power of partnerships to stretch budgets and accelerate results. Today, these relationships often focus on purpose. Public-private partnerships and large-scale industry affiliations along the supply chain can enable a collective social good. Where has your brand partnered? Where might it?

Brand stories form whether or not you nurture them. Simple desktop searches or more extensive audits reveal what people already say about your brand. This can identify untapped opportunities and suggest new ones that align with your audiences’ values. Who is already talking about your brand and what are they saying?

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The Intel Distillery at Bader Rutter tracks trending topics in food and food production so you don’t have to. Every day, we update two proprietary databases of trending food production topics from the industry’s most influential voices. Keep your eyes on these trends to ensure your brand stays relevant in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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