Make your ‘good’ known.

At Bader Rutter, we believe today’s audiences want more from food & beverage brands.

They expect more multidimensional “goods” from the products they buy. To explore how today’s marketers handle this challenge, we invited leaders from major food brands Quaker, Tillamook and the National Pork Board to share their perspectives. That led to a very enlightening and engaging webinar.

Watch the video below to get a feel for the full one-hour discussion in a mere two minutes.

Some perspectives from our panelists.

Kristin Kroepfl, CMO

“We try to do good on a daily basis.”

In keeping with PepsiCo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, Kristin led the transition from Aunt Jemima to Pearl Milling. She considered the decision “as important as anything we do when it comes to the environment or agricultural practices because it’s about human beings; it’s about people.”

Jarrod Sutton, CSO

Good was, in the mid to late 90’s, pretty clearly defined … it’s evolved quite a bit since then.”

Jarrod has seen “good” evolve from food safety to environmental claims like carbon footprints. He believes pork can “… become part of the solution as a carbon sink. We’re not too far from carbon neutrality.”

Joe Prewett, EVP of Brand

We don’t strive for good, we strive for best.”

Joe has a distinct take on making Tillamook’s good known: “It’s like good storytelling. You know, what did you specifically do, and what is the scale of the impact, and how are you telling that story so it cuts through the clutter — which is just good marketing, right?”

3 places to find your brand’s ‘good.’

If you are just beginning your journey to define the most compelling “good” to make known for your brand, here are three good places to start:

Over the past few years, most brands have invested in their supply chains: optimizing growing and sourcing, innovating manufacturing and production, and reducing packaging and water consumption. Every one of these investments provides a story of “good” your audience wants to hear. What latent assets lie in your brand’s supply chain?

Long ago, the food community learned the power of partnerships to stretch budgets and accelerate results. Today, these relationships often focus on purpose. Public/private partnerships and large-scale industry affiliations along the supply chain can enable a collective social good. Where has your brand partnered? Where might it?

Brand stories form whether you nurture them or not. Simple desktop searches or more extensive audits reveal what people already say about your brand. This helps identify untapped opportunities and suggest new ones aligned with your audiences’ values. Who is already talking about your brand and what are they saying?

Let’s talk about making your good known.

It’s about strategy and creativity and understanding audiences.

And those are three of our favorite topics.

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