We know where food starts. Today, that’s critical.

Today’s audiences demand more from their food and beverage brands.

They care about ingredients and backstories, purpose and values. Growing up at the front end of food production, we know the food supply chain where so many compelling brand stories originate.


Brand Leaders Share Their Good 

An ever-growing collection of insights where food and beverage leaders share how their brands’ define “good” and make their good known. Delivered in 60 tight seconds because we know you’re busy. Get right into the good stuff with The Good Minute.

Promoting pork’s sustainability

Episode 1: Jarrod Sutton
Chief Strategy Officer, National Pork Board

Upcycling a sports drink

Episode 2: Michelle McBride
Chief Executive Officer, GoodSport

Telling a good story in dairy

Episode 3: Joe Prewett
Executive VP of Brand, Tillamook


Promoting B Corp status

Episode 4: Sarah Healy
SVP Marketing, Cabot Creamery Co-operative


Embracing tech on the farm

Episode 5: Jenni Tilton-Flood
Dairy Farmer, Cabot Creamery Co-operative


Getting more from less

Episode 6: Karuna Rawal
Chief Marketing Officer, Nature’s Fynd

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3 places to find your brand’s ‘good.’

If you are just beginning to define the most compelling “good” to make known for your brand, here are three places to start.

Almost every brand has invested in its supply chain recently, whether optimizing growing and sourcing, innovating manufacturing and production, or reducing packaging and water consumption. All these investments provide a story of “good” your audience wants to hear. What latent assets lie in your brand’s supply chain?

Long ago, the food community learned the power of partnerships to stretch budgets and accelerate results. Today, these relationships often focus on purpose. Public-private partnerships and large-scale industry affiliations along the supply chain can enable social good. Where has your brand partnered? Where might it?

Brand stories form whether you nurture them or not. Simple desktop searches or more extensive audits reveal what people already say about your brand. This can help identify untapped opportunities and suggest new ones that align with your audiences’ values. Who is already talking about your brand and what are they saying?

Six days a week since 2012, the Bader Rutter team has systematically analyzed input from the top 1,500 voices in the food and beverage industry, cataloging and assessing the content. Our weekly newsletter provides perspective on emerging topics and trends that will drive the food production system.

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