Bunch Bar

Building a philanthropic snack bar brand.


Our client had a vision: She wanted to help address food insecurity for inner-city kids by creating a snack bar that integrated giving into sales. She knew how to make one with unmatched flavor and texture, but she had no name, no package and no marketing plan.


Together, we created a new brand from scratch, anchoring it in a story as sincere as its intentions. We developed words, imagery and code that brought together the humanity and love behind the product, launching it with social promotion and a Shopify site.

Before it was Bunch Bar, it was many things.

Possibly hundreds … Because finding a memorable name that was legally ownable AND differentiating in a dense marketplace presented a significant hurdle. In addition to all those names, we developed dozens of color and design explorations as we worked to define the emotional essence of this new brand.

Building a brand system.

From the fonts to the colors, the mix of simple line illustration with photography and through to the charming tone of voice, we developed one cohesive brand architecture for consistency across all Bunch Bar touch points. Warm and welcoming, we emphasized friendliness and approachability, from packaging through promotion.

During our client presentation, our client paid us the highest compliment as she literally held back tears: “I knew this was the look the moment I saw it. I knew this was the one.”

Telling the story on packaging.



Telling a social story.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Bunch Bar relies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to generate awareness and funnel sales to its dedicated Shopify site. While the Bunch Bar voice shines in these social posts, the visuals showcase how we flexed during the pandemic. When we needed product photography but commercial studios were closed, a Bader Rutter designer built a photo studio in his living room. See below.





Delicious, inclusive … and cutting edge. 

Those first two brand words are obvious, but the last one describes the real innovation behind the web-driven DTC sales approach for Bunch Bar that hinged on our Shopify site. We pushed the limits of the platform’s experience, even developing custom code when we had to. After all, the site does everything from selling taste appeal to charitable matching, from celebrating the story of Bunch Bar to fulfilling orders, and we integrated engaging and charming interactions at every step.

Strategic swaggery.

To build awareness, we targeted social media food influencer outreach to help promote the product. In addition to product, we supplied them with colorful, shareable merch like T-shirts, stickers and pins. It was just another part of this comprehensive soup-to-nuts launch.