Milwaukee Bucks

Showcasing the Milwaukee Buck’s global footprint.


Reaching CMOs of multinational brands who control seven and eight figure sponsorships is impossibly hard. If you’re a small market sports team, it’s harder still, even for the white-hot Milwaukee Bucks. But the team needed a new sponsor for their jerseys, so we had to find a way to grab these brand leaders’ attention.


We custom designed Giannis Antetokounmpo’s size 16 Nikes to showcase over two dozen global brands, then hired a sneaker artist to bring each one to life. We placed the shoes and a branded jersey into laser-engraved wooden boxes featuring small video screens telling our story. And they got all the right people talking.

Speaking to global brand CMOs, one at a time

Before we could pitch the two-dozen brands we targeted, we had to earn each CMO’s attention. We also had to make them welcome a conversation with us over the hundreds of others vying for their attention and endorsement dollars. We created a singular presentation showing them exactly what a sponsorship might look like.

We have a winner. A few winners, actually.

The branded boxes started multiple conversations between brands and the team. While Motorola took the jersey patch sponsorship, the Bucks also signed four additional non-jersey deals. Ultimately, this was an incredibly beautiful and inventive direct mail piece that produced remarkable results.