Brevant® seeds

Launching a new brand and a new way of doing business.


It’s big news and a major undertaking to launch an entirely new seed brand and build a fan base in a crowded category that’s seen no “new” brands in 25 years. It’s a bigger challenge to do it in 90 days in total secrecy. But then, add a pandemic …


We themed every aspect of this launch — tone, tactics, even the tagline — around disruption, treating retailers as partners, not sales targets. We brought the new to everything: website, video, in-store, email, print, radio, social and media relations.

Three months never flew by so quickly.

In 90 days, we developed the entire, multichannel campaign, producing a website, dealer materials, direct mail for farmers and retailers, video, social content, outdoor, newspaper, news releases, and dozens of other launch needs. And did we mention we only had 90 days?

Letting our audience know first.

We leveraged marketing automation lead generation to deliver timely, relevant and personalized communications to farmers and retailers through either text or email, based on their preference. In the first seven weeks, this delivered 600 form completions.

Retailers talked. We listened.

We created a direct mail piece for key retailers that included a pair of AirPods and text message with link driving to their peers discussing what they want in a seed brand. The box also included an overview booklet for Brevant® seeds.

We drove breakthrough by revisiting the classics.

We pushed Brevant’s breakthrough tone with aggressive colors, straight-talking copy and unexpected music choices: Wagner, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Strauss. We also disguised the stock content COVID-19 forced on us by finding ways to produce our own original video through a few bare-bones, socially distanced shoots.



We earned 4.95 million digital impressions in 14 days.

Getting big things done quickly seemed to be our launch theme. In the first two weeks, we drove over 38,000 website visits. Our email series open rate doubled the industry average but the click-through rates absolutely crushed it, coming in 822% above! And our earned media impressions? A stunning 3 million. Online, in-store and over social, we sent a clear message that Brevant® seeds was here to change things up. For the much, much better.