Corteva Agriscience

Building empathy through podcast storytelling.


When most urban consumers think of farming, they think of pretty red barns, pastoral fields and smiling, multigenerational families. But there’s so much more to the story. Corteva wanted to find a new way to share stories about modern farming’s complexity in a way this audience would find compelling.


We created The Growing Debate podcast, to present how farming intersects with today’s most complicated and controversial issues. By exploring these topics using the sounds, voices and stories of modern agriculture, urban listeners developed a more emotional connection to today’s farmers.

Creating theater in the mind.

By recording on site and capturing the soundscapes of these rural locations, we transported urban listeners to America’s farmlands for 40 minutes at a time. And we kept their attention by discussing emotional topics intrinsic to modern farming: immigrant labor, gender and race equality, trade wars, climate change, suicide, food transparency and more.