Prairie Fresh USA Prime®

Establishing a higher level of good.


Fresh pork is largely commoditized with little to offer that’s truly premium. Prairie Fresh set out to change that by developing technology that identifies the top tier of all its fresh pork for taste and tenderness. Which meant we weren’t just introducing a new brand; we were establishing a new category.


We built Prairie Fresh USA Prime® from the ground up, creating a premium feel at every touch point. We drove disruptive messaging across channels, from food service sales brochures to the meat case. Then we enlisted leading chefs as brand ambassadors to elevate expectations.

A super-premium brand identity.

We created a bold, minimal design framework from a logo featuring strong, clean type and an intentionally restricted palette. The result elevates the brand and creates a differentiated look that changed the presentation in the meat case.

Super-premium product photography.

The photography leveraged dramatic high-contrast lighting, lending differentiating depth to the product shots. We also developed a library of high-end plated meals to use in targeted B2B foodservice communications, along with consumers looking to experience premium pork in a new way.




Aligned and appealing to retail.

With the pandemic shutting down restaurants, we focused our introduction on key grocery customers. Retailers welcome innovation to differentiate themselves from the competition and they quickly embraced these truly premium pork products. We drove sales volume here with marketing support that included a  premium look book and sample mailer.

Leveraging premium-ness to appeal to consumers.

We reached consumers in highly targeted markets through paid digital media and social media that drove both general brand awareness and direct traffic in store through geo-targeting. We also worked with brand ambassador chefs to enhance our super-premium credentials.