People want new stories from food brands. Are you telling the right ones?

Environmental, social and human Issues; what matters to consumers about food has changed.

So the stories food brands tell should change too. Specifically, the source of these stories: the supply chain. People want to align their values with how their food is grown, raised, and sourced. Creating compelling messages around your supply chain stories close the gap between food and consumers. And ensure lasting brand value and differentiation.


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This BR Perspective breaks down the four key trends inspiring food brands to reimagine the stories they tell consumers.

We tell new stories at Bader Rutter.

Creating compelling, relevant and differentiating stories for multiple audiences is basically our favorite thing to do.

Presenting rural issues to an urban audience through a branded podcast.

Building affinity with B2B companies through a mini documentary series.

Establishing a new food brand on an issue that matters to today’s consumers.

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