Showcasing an audience. Literally.


Zoro.com aims to be the one-stop online destination for everything B2B companies need to keep their businesses running. With millions of SKU’s, they need to continually drive awareness and build direct connections, particularly with their targeted market segments of contracting and manufacturing.


We created Crafted: a social media documentary series celebrating makers in the contracting and manufacturing industries. Without a single model or special effect, Crafted’s stories of the challenges and triumphs of these skilled men and women earned unprecedented engagement and boosted brand awareness.

Eight different businesses, eight different stories, one common thread.

Currently wrapping our second round of production, we created one long form, four :30’s, and four :15’s from each of our eight businesses, along with a large library of still photos to use across social media, email, digital and on the website. Here are some samples of that content.