Creating powerful emotion from a singular insight.


Zoetis is an animal health leader known for its extensive portfolio of products for beef and dairy producers. As a premier provider, the Zoetis U.S. Cattle business needed to expand beyond competing on product attributes alone to build deeper more meaningful connections with its audience.


We stopped talking about products and celebrated the ancient, emotional connection between producers and their animals. We tapped a deep audience truth about this symbiotic relationship; as cattle provide for us, we make a promise to provide for them.

The emotional cornerstone: the ‘Born of the Bond’ brand anthem.

We worked through masked, socially distant production protocols to shoot about 90% of this footage and imagery instead of relying on stock. Our small, nimble crew used creative camera angles and clever use of different times of day to lend our video the scope it deserved, despite a very tight schedule.

Starting the internal conversation.

We engaged our salesforce in the campaign by distributing an interactive toolkit that showcased all of our materials, including tools for them like PowerPoint templates, email signatures … even virtual backgrounds. Their enthusiastic embrace of the idea jumpstarted the campaign’s adoption among our audience.

Continuing the conversation online.

We built a website that took the conversation deeper and then encouraged visitors to share their personal “bond” experiences on social channels, which 28 visitors did with rich, heartfelt stories.

The response to this launch was immediate and impressive. In the first 2 weeks, we earned over 155K impressions, 32 video shares, and 115 clicks to the website. Of our more than 2,000 video viewers, nearly 40% watched the full video. This demonstrates just how relevant this message is. In fact, more than one member of our generally stoic audience has admitted it moved them to tears.