Veterinary Hope Foundation

Building a platform of hope.

Here’s a startling fact: Veterinarians are 3x more likely to die from suicide.

Learning this was enough to compel us to act, particularly given our deep ties to the animal care community. To truly make a difference, we needed to think beyond traditional ad campaigns. So we partnered with a small team of committed veterinary professionals and created a completely new nonprofit organization with one clear mission: to bring hope.

Making pets the bridge.

To help the world learn about the foundation and the seriousness of the issue, we created a series of PSA videos featuring actual Bader Rutter pets.

Stepping up for a community in crisis.

We went to VMX, the world’s largest veterinary conference, to show vets just how much they’re appreciated. Hundreds of QR codes unlocking dozens of appreciation videos turned a crowded event space into an elegant platform for demonstrating that hope truly is everywhere.

A website that engages and informs.

Design and dev came together to create a site experience that not only sets up the issue in a compelling way, but also offers clear, actionable steps that users can take. These include professionally led support groups that veterinarians can join and social tools that allow others to spread our message of hope.

A robust social presence.

Whether we’re talking to veterinarians in crisis or pet owners who care, social channels offer a strategic – and engaging – way to reach our audience.