Corteva Agriscience

Making corporate advocacy personal.


Being digital natives, millennial moms care about what they feed their children so they do a lot of researching online. They don’t trust big corporations; instead putting credence in what their peers, friends and influencers think. And on social media, the prevailing norm is “big ag = bad.”


We sought to balance the discussion with credible content that answered questions about food production, technology and trends. We asked employees who were millennial parents to blog about their perspectives in a series called “Plate-Wise.” Importantly, they emphasized information, not persuasion.

Moms want to talk to other moms, not big ag.

We supported the Plate-Wise blog with social media posts, native advertising, SEM, SEO and visual assets designed to deliver credible communication, not corporate messaging. Creatively, we styled our content’s look, tone and feel to platforms like PopSugar and Refinery29 where millennial moms get most of their food and lifestyle information.

Making corporate advocacy personal.

We created 18 blog posts, each rich with visual elements. Our programmatic buy shared this content across 4,000 sites, which really boosted its impact. We earned 2.3 million impressions, more than doubled industry benchmarks for CTR and earned an enviable 3:27 average time on-site, which signified moms valued our content.

Click the link below for an example of one of our more popular posts.

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