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The Growing Debate podcast presents perspectives on today’s most complicated and controversial issues facing American farmers.

While many agricultural companies would shy away from tackling topics like race and gender inequities, immigration reform, climate change and mental health issues among American farmers, Corteva Agriscience hasn’t. By exploring difficult topics through the real sounds, voices and stories of modern agriculture, urban listeners developed a more emotional connection to today’s farmers.

In Season 1, we brought listeners directly to America’s farmlands by capturing the personal stories of farmers. For Season 2, we’re bringing in industry experts to tackle another batch of tough topics like technology in food, the rural farm vote and the plant-based movement. Will scientific and technological innovations change the future of our food? What could your vote mean for farmers across the United States? And what have we learned to prepare for the next crisis since the pandemic began? We’re exploring these questions and more this season on The Growing Debate.

Our first episode, “The Arctic Seed Vault,” actually explores the secure underground facility that houses over a million fruit, vegetable and grain seeds in case of an apocalyptic event. Here’s a sneak peek of the audio for our first episode.

For more information on how we partnered with Corteva Agriscience to create this podcast, check out our case study page.

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