The power of audio storytelling.

At Bader Rutter, we started creating podcasts for our clients a few years ago, and our love of the platform only continues to grow.

We’ve had the pleasure of not only producing podcasts but also exploring other unique ways to incorporate audio storytelling. We’ve used audio as a medium to approach a variety of challenges: from sales team training to driving word-of-mouth with customers.

Knowing that farmers spend a lot of time listening to the radio during planting and harvesting, we used an audio tour to transport them to research labs and test plots all across the country. Using theater of the mind, we delivered audio to farmers that showcase what makes Pioneer, Pioneer. Take the innovative audio tour for yourself here.

We’ve also used podcasts in nontraditional ways.

For Zoetis, we used podcasting as a campaign tool to communicate the success of the product line for CLARIFIDE® Plus among dairy producers. While unconventional, this episodic series offered insights into the benefits of genetic testing, while providing the coveted word-of-mouth experience from dairy producers who’ve relied on the product for nearly a decade to transform their farms. See how we turned podcasting into an authentic product promotional tool here.

You can read more about the keys to successful podcast production in our two-part series.

Part 1 shares how to source the right host and tell impactive stories. Part 2 explores how to create audio ear candy through sound effects and the critical, but most often overlooked, step of successful podcasting: promotion.

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