Selling pork by celebrating connection.


Too many people simply don’t know how to cook pork. Though its benefits are relevant and recognized—lower fat, versatility, smaller carbon footprint—pork gets passed over for more familiar meat options. Facts alone weren’t compelling; we needed to inspire people to use it.


The pandemic-fueled social isolation aligned with our larger brand story: Prairie Fresh pork provides more than dinner; it provides the emotional anchor for sharing mealtimes with others. We presented recipe ideas, adding the emotional seasoning of connection to everyone.

A focused brand re-launch.

We addressed our two goals of brand awareness and driving in-store traffic by focusing our modest budget on DMA targeting. We also aligned both our brand- and account-based messaging around product distribution to make every dollar work much harder.

Celebrating connection …

…with a steady stream of meal ideas.

Launched in a time of isolation, we drew a tight connection between pork and the importance of everyday meals with family. Our #MakingMealtimes campaign celebrated togetherness, offering recipes and cooking tips from chef influencers.

Shooting in-house. Literally, in our houses.

We worked around the pandemic’s limitations by running photoshoots and recording sessions from our homes. Our content publication stayed steady, with no compromise of quality or quantity.