Pfizer Animal Health

Activating veterinarians to drive product sales.


Pfizer Animal Health’s dairy business sales had plateaued at 40% market share. Since prescription-writing veterinarians exert major influence on purchase decisions, we had to walk a tightrope by speaking directly to dairy farmers without disenfranchising their veterinarians.


We developed and staged a multichannel campaign that spoke with one universally relevant voice. We engaged veterinarians first before launching a broader campaign with a message that resonated with both veterinarians and producers: Dairy Wellness Makes a Difference.

Informing and engaging the veterinary channel.

We sent an information-heavy direct mail campaign to 1,000 dairy veterinarians. Augmented with trade publication ads and technical webinars, this effort provided both scientific information and point-of-sale materials. By making veterinarians our first audience, they were ready to answer questions and provide expertise to producers when the broader campaign broke.

A broad campaign focused on animal health.

The overarching message – “Dairy Wellness Makes a Difference” – allowed us to frame all product pitches around the health of the animal. This focus resonated with both veterinary and farming audiences. By demonstrating we were committed to better outcomes, we also dispelled the common anxiety among veterinarians that we were sidestepping them or focused solely on sales.

An enduring industry innovation.

This multichannel campaign both increased share for Pfizer Animal Health’s dairy business and drove a lift in overall adoption of the individual products. Anecdotally, it also improved our relationship with the veterinary channel. In fact, enough veterinarians requested more sales materials to prompt additional printing runs. Since launch, Pfizer Animal Health has rebranded, but the Complete Dry Cow Portfolio products remain central to the Zoetis dairy business.