Engaging fans with tech-enabled packaging.


MobCraft Brewery’s Mondo Lucha is a basic lager, essentially a commodity product. Aside from the colorful name we gave it, the beer itself had few distinguishing features. Somehow, we needed to sell cases.


Our design team wanted fans to see themselves in the brand. We created six cans featuring different Lucha libre wrestlers. Each design integrated a QR code linked to a Snapchat lens that micro-targeted rabid fans and literally put them in their favorite wrestler’s mask.

Activation and personalization embedded on every can.


We integrated a Snapcode, similar to a QR code, which automatically brought up the associated Snapchat lens we created for each can. After scanning, fans could share photos and videos of themselves ‘wearing’ their favorite wrestler’s signature mask.

Have Snapchat? Try it for yourself. Open it on mobile and scan one of our codes below. 

One night, one event, one sold out brewing run

We launched the brand at Milwaukee’s Weird Fest, where the Lucha libre wrestlers’ ring took center stage. Sharing the app at this one-night event with no paid media generated 3,856 views, 2,387 plays and 193 shares. If you’re wondering, the Russian Beast was the clear fan favorite. MobCraft has since brewed an unheard-of second run.