When inspiration strikes.

Our designers share what inspires them about their work.

Inspiration is the jolt that rushes through us when we have a new idea. It’s what fuels creativity and what gives us the energy to create and produce the best work. For designers, sometimes it’s an optical illusion because it helps us see things in a new or reimagined way. So, how do designers find it? We asked, and here are their answers.

What about design inspires you?

Bryan Padovano

“It’s all in the details. The little things that can go unnoticed at times but can reveal themselves when you see it for a second or third time.”

Kevin Sparrow

“What inspires me about design is how much of an impact it can have in our lives without being super obvious. There are so many ways design influences our lives without us realizing it. We interact with interfaces, we read advertisements, we even navigate around our cities because of design. It can be something so subtle you don’t even think about it or something so obvious it directs a user’s attention.”

Gina Tomilonus

“Everything … but more specifically stumbling into design in the world around me.”

Lauren Cook

“Things around me in real life are definitely big sources, but I also love scrolling through places like Instagram, Pinterest and Dribbble to see what other designers and creatives are doing. Most of the time, just looking around and seeing the passion that others put into their amazing work gives me the jump-start I need to keep going on whatever project I’m working on.”

Kevin Deval

“I’m inspired by success in making the complicated understandable. The ability to visually convey an idea in a succinct manner. Also, the sense of gratification when solving a problem for someone and helping them succeed.”

Jason Ludtke

“The ability we have as designers to tell stories and solve problems. Now that’s super exciting to me.”

Vince Kizior

“Design inspires me because it takes a vision and makes it tangible. Design has a way to show how something clever can be done really simply and still carry a lot of weight.”

Justin Hernandez

“I love design because of its versatility and power in helping us solve problems around the world. We use it at Bader Rutter to help our clients grow their business through advertising, branding and more. But it can also be used for social change, environmental impact, improving education and the list goes on. Seeing how designers have solved for problems like these is a constant source of inspiration for me.”

In the spirit of inspiration, the rotating images in our header were all taken by our very own Justin Hernandez. Check out more of his captivating images on Instagram @justinrhernandez.