Digital design is not a solo sport.

Our approach to designing for digital.

You might picture a designer huddled around a computer, creating solo. But that’s hardly the case. In creating digital experiences, the designer has a close relationship with the developer and user experience specialist to establish how the website will feel and what the experience will be.

The designer doesn’t dictate what’s possible; designers must know platform limitations and be up to date on changing specifications and technology. Designers can’t design for a medium they do not know like the back of their hand. A designer’s job goes far beyond creating artful illustrations.

Kevin Sparrow

“Design is no longer static. Design interacts and invokes feelings. Design is now so multidimension that we as designers need to think well beyond what something looks like.”

Our developers, designers and digital specialists worked together from the ground up to create our prestigious Awwwards’ Site of the Year winner: Corn Revolutionized.

Design is tightly interwoven into every part of the digital world. Every button we click, ad we see and game we play has been thoroughly thought through and designed.