Brands come alive.

It’s hard to have any brand come alive without showing how it lives.

One way is through brand swag. Swag is a personal connection to a brand’s customers. From a promotional tee to a water bottle sticker or backpack pin, brands can be expressed through swag. The best part about swag is that it brings a brand out of just the logo and into the physical space.

Like brand packaging, the materials, shapes, textures and colors are all important considerations when choosing the right products to represent your brand. Consumers love seeing brands with a thoughtful approach to swag. In some instances, swag can be like wearing a print piece on your body. It’s so much more than slapping a logo on a T-shirt. Here a few things to consider when designing swag:

  • Make sure your swag doesn’t end up in a landfill. What items connect to your brand identity? Does the product have a meaningful tie to your customer? Will people immediately throw this away or shove it in the back of their closet?
  • Consider your audience. What type of swag would your target customer enjoy? What’s something your customer would actually use?
  • What about a smart speaker, headphones or a portable charger? Would your customer enjoy a mug or reusable straw?
  • Make sure your free swag is inclusive. Can everyone use this item?
  • Think about premium options. Can you elevate your swag to be more thoughtful?

Here are a few ways we’ve brought brands to life through swag: