Driving the “Deader Than Dead Tour.”


Every year, termites cause more damage than hurricanes: over $5 billion worth. But being so tiny, out of sight is out of mind, so most people only deal with pest control reactively. We needed to change that. And do it on a budget.


We leveraged one key insight: The women making pest control decisions don’t just dislike termites, they despise them. We tapped that hate nerve by creating a 2,400-mile-long funeral procession crossing 14 states. This offbeat road trip activated dealers, educated the public and celebrated the death of termites.

Making death contagious for dealers.

Bluetooth earbuds that shared the sounds of dying termites, miniature coffins filled with customizable sales materials: at every turn, we encouraged the dealers to make this Deader Than Dead Tour personal. And did they ever …

And many posts too.

We brought the same local dealer customization approach to social, providing Facebook and Twitter formats and suggested headlines to be shared far and wide online.