We love food.

Kevin Sparrow

Creative lead, ace photographer, food stylist and pitmaster.

In need of recipe photography for the launch of a new premium brand, creative lead and (thankfully) talented photographer Kevin Sparrow re-created mouthwatering plated dishes from two chefs in his own kitchen. Kevin cooked, styled and photographed 10 recipes, demonstrating how BR people can improvise and adapt to deliver great work for our clients. Bring your own napkins and try not to get too hungry looking at these great recipes featuring Prairie Fresh pork.

If you want to try the recipes for yourself (you really should) or are interested in learning more about the campaign, check out the new landing page for Prairie Fresh we designed.

Bunch Bar

An amazing product in search of a brand.

How we helped this amazing product in search of a brand.

Made from real whole ingredients, we not only named this nutrition bar but also gave it a narrative to set it apart in a very crowded segment. Armed with a unique brand identity, stellar creative and a solid mission, we sent Bunch Bar out into the world. Learn more about this socially active snack bar.

Nicole Adrian

Farmers market foodie.

When it comes to work, our people aren’t just passionate about food and agriculture.

Nicole’s love of food and where it comes from is what led her to become involved in the Tosa Farmers Market. The market supports local Wisconsin farmers, food producers and artisans to create a more sustainable community. Nicole is currently the vice president and also heads up the marketing committee, ensuring all materials and promotional assets are updated and running.

Some of Nicole’s market favorites?

Smoked Swiss cheese, homemade kombucha, fresh salsa, ground cherries and a new find: bee pollen.

Clearly, our people love food. Let’s talk about how we can tell new food stories for your brands.

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