What’s “next” for performance marketing?

Data Services, Analytics and Marketing Automation share the biggest opportunities

Our team of experts across data services, analytics and marketing automation share what you need to know to make the most out of your performance marketing efforts.

Jessica Stemper, Executive Director, Performance Marketing

“We have opportunities to go beyond the basics of data, analytics, and marketing automation and provide our clients with robust insights, testing, data solutions, personalization, and more; and turning every action into performance.”

Bria Jones, Data Quality Analyst

“Move beyond basic tracking and analysis. Connect your data to find correlation and causation.”

Ben Wilkey, Solutions Architect

“As low code data solutions become more and more common, now is the best time to move forward with data modernization.

Jess Illias, Data Quality Analyst

“We need to stay on top of privacy governance. Consumer Data Privacy is gaining interest and more states are beginning to implement their own legislation.”

Judy Dubrosky, Director, Data Services

“Investing in data standardization and hygiene is critical for success. Putting advanced tools on top of poor data will not lead to results.”

Cody Townsend, Data Analyst

“We have a lot of data solutions our clients might not know about, including hygiene, automated process, reporting and geographic mapping.”

Jonathan Schotte, Manager, Analytics

“Bringing monthly reporting into a real-time dashboard allows internal and external teams to have the data and results at their fingertips to make efficient and informed decisions.”

Austin Steinmetz, Analyst

“The analytics team does a lot more than just reporting and metrics. We love using data to uncover insights that can have a huge impact on the work we do for our clients.”

Sasha Shelton, Analyst

“As analysts, we have the power to not only identify and deliver insights, but also to use those same insights and transform them into actionable goals.”

Brianna Lyon, Marketing Automation Manager

“Email is NOT dead and, in fact, it’s more prevalent than ever. It remains one of the most cost-effective and key marketing strategies where the right message at the right time provides a strong ROI when compared with other channels.”

Andy Penkalski, Team Leader, Marketing Automation

“Owned channels, like email and SMS, must strive to be more personalized, relevant and timely than any other marketing channel. There’s no greater hindrance to the success of a business’s owned channels than siloed or disparate data sets.”