What’s “digital” at BR?

Hint: it’s not just about code

At Bader Rutter, we’re driven by data and imagination. Our superpower is combining channel strategies, insights, technologies and creative into top-notch experiences and content. We align dedicated digital specialists from around one common goal: creating best-in-class digital experiences. Tony Maurer, executive digital director, breaks down his team’s capabilities into six fundamental disciplines:

1. Digital engagement: strategy and journey experts

These specialists sets the strategy, both digital and offline, to bring the right message to the right person at the right time through the appropriate channel(s), all to encourage a desired action. DELs collaborate with cross-functional teams, converting data and information into actions that solve the problem, and measuring actions to continually optimize for success.

2. User experience: consumer journey enhancers

UX design creates useful solutions driven by ease of use and delightful interaction. They balance business and consumer needs with technology constraints to design user-centric experiences. UX isn’t just about creating a great experience; it also demands continual evolution and improvement as we gather more data about what our users need and what drives conversion.

3. Marketing Automation: lead-focused professionals

Through a series of strategic interactions, Marketing Automation develops sales leads from prospects to buyers and, in the process, turns strangers into loyal customers. This team designs and optimizes a series of responsive, personalized touchpoints along each customer journey with an intent to delight and strengthen their audience’s relationship with the brand.

4. Digital production: the concept’s planners and drivers

Digital producers help teams figure out how to create all things digital. Equal parts project manager, coach and negotiator, digital producers ensure that all requirements are met and documented, scopes and timelines are created and shared, and obstacles are cleared, all to enable the team to deliver the best possible product, on spec, on time and on budget.

5. Development: the builders, integrators and innovators

Developers build digital tools, platforms, services and applications to meet both our creative teams’ concepts and our clients’ objectives. Across all digital platforms, from mobile to laptops and smart speakers to TVs, our experts code and construct innovative digital solutions in all sorts of programming languages, evolving and expanding the digital state of the art.

6. Last but not least, Analytics: success measurers

Our Analytics team serves a dual purpose at BR; they ensure we can measure our campaigns and channels both tactically and strategically, and also distill data down to insights and opportunities. Ultimately, they craft data intelligence unique to our clients, whether CRM or sales, and integrate that with outside information and data sets to continually optimize all digital products.

So, what does this mean for me?

Transformation: They represent the true digital transformation – that we no longer merely access the internet, we live surrounded by it. We work and play in it. Web connection has become part of every aspect of our lives. Knowing this, our team constantly watches for new innovations and opportunities to meet our clients’ customers wherever they are – whether that’s in the real world or on a screen.

If you need to find where your customers are or where they might be going next, let’s talk.

About the Author

Tony Maurer has been helping brands disrupt in digital spaces for almost 20 years. He started his career as an illustrator and programmer and has held multiple leadership positions at advertising and design agencies ever since. Over the course of his career, he’s helped brands like Trek Bicycles, Evinrude, Corteva Agriscience, Zoetis, TIKI and Cricket Wireless find their digital voice.

As our digital leader, Tony applies technology, design thinking, engagement strategies and data to solve business challenges. Tony helped found the 4A’s User Experience Design committee and has had his work featured in Adweek, Ad Age, The Drum and Effie. Recently, he and his team have been awarded Site of the Year by Awwwards.