What do people really think about your brand?

New tool at BR makes social listening possible.

Are you curious what people are saying about your brand or product online? Perhaps you’ve even tried manually searching on Twitter and Google to find out. While you might have found some interesting nuggets, there’s no way to search the internet solo, and you’re left questioning what else exists. Knowing it would be time consuming to keep digging, you move onto other priorities. Not anymore!

We have good news. Access to a social listening tool makes your curiosities a reality in little time! After vetting leaders in this space, Bader Rutter has obtained Synthesio, an Ipsos company, for its access to custom AI data science, data integration and topic-modeling services.

With Synthesio, we’re helping our clients understand what their competitors, consumers and influencers are saying on social media about their brand, products and topics of interest. We use these audience insights to:

  • Discover important conversation trends to join online
  • Uncover consumer insights to improve content strategy
  • Point to category opportunities and barriers
  • Identify and vet influencers
  • Anticipate and manage crises to improve brand reputation
  • Gauge share of voice across competitive sets


For example, we can look at things like:

  • What people are saying about a certain industry topic
  • What people are saying about a competitor product or product type
  • What sentiment exists in social media related to a topic or product

Using Burger King as an example, the topic analysis model identified these significant themes about the fast-food chain in a simple, fast and scalable way. Thus, it eliminates the need to manually analyze millions of mentions and helps validate or consider topics that are important to consumers, including the nonintuitive or overlooked looked ones. For example, many are worried about a false claim that there has been estrogen found in the new Impossible Whopper menu item. Uncovering that this is a high-volume conversation topic that persists on social media signals opportunities to create content and community-management responses to help mitigate concerns.

If you’d like to learn more about how we use social listening to improve your business research and content strategy, reach out to your account manager. We’d love to show you how this resource can add value to your marketing efforts.

About the Author

Kate Newman has nearly 10 years of experience leading and implementing social media strategies to help businesses connect with audiences and grow their footprint online. She has led social strategy development for Fortune 500 companies across CPG, food, appliance and technology categories — and her most notable clients include Jimmy Dean, BP, CDW, Kimberly-Clark baby and child care brands, and SC Johnson’s Raid and OFF! brands, as well as Whirlpool and Maytag. Her motivation and collaborative spirit help deliver strong breakthrough social content for her clients’ businesses, and she has expertise spanning across 10 social media networks. What’s Kate’s M.O.? To make your brand or business relevant through social media.