3 reasons why you should jump on LinkedIn Live.

Connect with your audience in new ways

LinkedIn is becoming the go-to platform for live business-to-business (B2B) interactions. LinkedIn’s new live broadcasting tool allows millions of professionals to build deeper connections and drive more engagement within the world’s largest professional community. Here are three ways your organization can benefit from this broadcast tool:

LinkedIn Live is the ideal streaming platform for B2B organizations because the network is already branded as a trustworthy environment and a professional platform where audiences share thoughts, ideas and new technologies. You can begin to position your organization as a thought leader by discussing current events that are relevant to your customers or by hosting a panel of subject-matter experts that can speak about relevant industry trends and issues. Have a trending topic you’d typically discuss in a blog post? Try LinkedIn Live for a more engaging way to display thought leadership.

Since LinkedIn is already the go-to place for professional interactions, you can promote your broadcasts to the specific interests, job responsibilities and industries of your organization’s target customers as well as prospective employees. By providing value to your viewers with tips, tricks and advice on navigating relevant issues, you can make a strong impression with new and existing customers that can even lead to future business opportunities. For example: A sale worth nearly $300,000 was finalized with a viewing customer following a recent broadcast Bader Rutter conducted for a client.

LinkedIn Live allows you to share information on new products, services and campaigns that are relevant to your customers and key stakeholders in an engaging format. Live videos average 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native videos. In using the “comment” function, you can address the questions from your audience in real time. With this increase in engagement, your organization’s executives and product managers can create an open two-way dialogue to strengthen customer relationships.

Whether your business is hosting a virtual event, recruiting new talent, or showcasing your brand’s expertise and thought leadership, Bader Rutter has the knowledge and experience to help you become successful on LinkedIn Live.

About the Author

As a member of Bader Rutter’s public relations team, Neal Corby has provided support for a number of the agency’s manufacturing and B2C clients, including The Raymond Corporation and Seaboard Foods. Most recently, he has helped strategize, develop and launch a fully integrated marketing campaign to support Raymond’s vast warehouse technology solutions and help position the company as more than just a forklift provider. He also has planned, written and produced a number of custom LinkedIn Live broadcasts throughout the agency to help clients create engaging content to reach potential customers and strengthen relationships with long-standing consumers.