The future of sponsored content.

Speculation about whether influencers are losing their influence has increased with the rise of content creators.

This speculation is rooted in studies that claim sponsored content feels forced. However, both parties create sponsored content. So, if sponsored content isn’t in vogue, then both parties lose. Instead of pointing the finger solely at influencers, ensure successful sponsored content for brands by making sure a paid partner is authentic.

What’s the difference, and how do you choose the right one?

Simply put …

Influencers → influence.

Content creators → create.

Influencers Defined:

Influencers join social media and curate their pages to align with a niche topic that they’re passionate about. They focus on growing a following of people who listen to their recommendations and advice. Because their voice is influencing a group of people, like-minded brands may partner with (pay) them to get in front of this captive audience.

Content Creators Defined:

Content creators join social media for the joy of producing great content, not to influence. They are skilled at developing content for digital properties proven by lots of engagement. That engagement leads to followers because their content is fun to look at, entertaining or tells a story. Because people pay attention to their content, interested brands may partner with (pay) them to modernize their content strategy.

Contact your social media manager to discuss opportunities for working with influencers and content creators.

Often, having a mix of both forms of sponsored content is a great way to cast your message to a breadth of prospective customers within your target demo.

About the Author

As the Group Leader of Bader Rutter’s social media team, Kate Newman is experienced at developing strategies that help businesses connect with target audiences and grow their footprint on social media. She’s worked on social strategies for Fortune 500 companies — and her most notable clients include Whirlpool, Maytag, Jimmy Dean, BP, CDW and Huggies. Her motivation and collaborative spirit drives engaging social media content creation spanning 10 social media networks. What’s Kate’s M.O.? To make your brand or business relevant through social media.