Real-time reporting and insights.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Now that I have your attention, I’ll admit it’s a different dashboard and a different paradise I’m talking about – but I could maybe argue almost as enlightening?

Performance Marketing uses a technology called Tableau to create powerful, yet user-friendly, dashboards that provide metrics and insights. We can publish these interactive dashboards in a web-based environment where our clients can access their metrics daily, filtering and drilling into their numbers, to make it as insightful to them as possible. Knowledge is power, and the more key performance indicators (KPIs) and insights we can provide our clients with, the better.

Customization is key.

The more customized the dashboard, the better. Client workshops help define the KPIs against their strategies and objectives of each campaign or marketing effort. Once we are aligned on those KPIs, we can define our goals. Those goals are built into the dashboards, so as the campaign kicks off, we understand the performance against those goals immediately.

While some KPIs can carry over client to client, dashboards typically aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Each client and each campaign have a unique set of business problems and goals they’re trying to achieve, and we want to make sure the dashboard can answer those questions. You might read this and think “custom” means it’ll take a lot of time; however, that’s typically only on the upfront build. The goal of each dashboard is that it’s automated as much as possible, meaning, once it’s built upfront, the time to update it each month is significantly less! This gives us more time to focus on insights and action.

The beauty of the rear-view mirror.

What I love most about dashboards is viewing historical trends to gather insights. Being able to answer questions such as “is this campaign performing better than the trend the last few months or is it performing better than last year” can help provide great insights. Natural trends in business can help us set those benchmarks of success, taking into account seasonality and typical buying behavior.

Do you have reports you receive via PDF each month or quarter?  Let’s review them and see if we can help automate them and publish them online.

About the Author

As the leader of Performance Marketing, Jessica Stemper oversees the Data Services, Analytics, and Marketing Automation teams.  With over 15 years of experience, her passion is bringing together data engineers to build robust data solutions, alongside analysts to understand marketing performance in the clearest of insights.  Her passion continues in the Marketing Automation through the execution of the consumers digital experience.  Jessica loves when the insights and recommendations turn into actionable strategies that provide engagement lifts.  When not at work, Jessica enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and watching her children play sports!