Introducing Bader Rutter’s first ERG.

This Pride Month, we’re reminded of the importance of diversity and the collective power that comes from embracing the tapestry of humankind.

While we can talk, hope, and wish for change; nothing happens without action. That action has to start somewhere. There’s the phrase “getting your house order.” It’s what we must do to have a firm foundation from which to do our work. Everything we do externally shored up by how we conduct ourselves internally.

So, it is with this motivation that we’re proud to announce the inception of BRIDGE, our D&I employee resource group. Because at Bader Rutter, we never, ever settle. Beyond the work we produce, we recognize that there is always more we could do. More meaningful connections we can create that lead to more powerful bridges.

BRIDGE stands for Bader Rutter Inclusion, Diversity, Growth and Equity. We’re committed to growing and stretching ourselves further. Because, let’s face it, the work of building a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable society is never fully done.

For us, Bridge also means exactly what it says. It communicates our aim and goal.

To bring people together. To create opportunities for exchange. To foster a conduit for sharing – free of boundaries. The joining of hands into a fluid curve in our logo echoes this.

We also know from our own literal and figurative homes that the upkeep is never finished. The job ceaselessly ongoing. But we gather pride from the pursuit and gain enthusiasm from seeing the impact along the way. It shows us that we’re on the right path and with continued effort we’ll get even closer to the world we desire.

We look forward to strengthening our culture internally so we can better extend outward with our communities and partners in the years to come.

This is our task.

We are BRIDGE.

About the Author

Mark Graham is a creative director at Bader Rutter with 20 years of advertising and marketing experience. Throughout Mark’s career he’s held critical leadership positions in a wide variety of agency environments, from general to multicultural. Mark has a thirst for continual learning and taking advantage of every new opportunity.  

He’s led brand work across many categories but some of his food and beverage highlights include Bush’s Beans, Perdue Chicken, Babybel Cheese, Coors Light, Miller Lite and McDonald’s. 

As a graduate of the Portfolio Center – Miami Ad School in Atlanta, Mark continues to cultivate a deep love for  craftsmanship, intelligent problem solving and developing engaging creative across all channels from traditional to digital to experiential.