Create and celebrate belonging during Pride 2021 and all year long.

Inviting someone in is simple:

Whether to our homes, to baby showers, to watch the Super Bowl or to lunch, we invite people in all the time — or at least we did pre-COVID-19. These easy acts of welcome belong at the workplace too — extending invitations for all to participate in teams, meetings and collaborations. As Pride 2021 is in full swing, so too is a renewed focus on issues like authenticity, inclusion and belonging. We can’t ignore belonging’s role in sparking great work and driving ideas for business. In marketing, encouraging and expanding this sense of belonging requires the conscious partnership of agency and client.

Why is this so important? Instilling the security that a foundation of belonging creates within team members brings a multiplying spark to meaningful collaboration, and collaboration is the rocket fuel that powers all great work. But it only happens when every team member shows up as their unique self, unafraid that their authenticity might lead to their exclusion.

So, this Pride month and all year long, join us on our quest to put good into the world and create a culture of belonging that celebrates everyone’s unique talents and wonderful differences.