On Pride and Prejudice

What does D&I mean at Bader Rutter? 

Our agency not only produces podcasts for clients, it also produces one of its own. The Retro is our internal agency podcast where we share thoughts, work and experiences to stay connected as an agency. Here’s a sneak peek of our recent episode with David Jordan, where he discusses our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and the four ways we’re starting that journey.  

Q: You are obviously very involved with pride, but on the other side, let’s talk about prejudice. How does that impact diversity and inclusion, especially given today’s world? 

Q: We’ve had the official mission statement to learn more, listen harder, change faster and give more. Can you share more of the specific actions we’re taking to get us there?

Q: What kind of future do you think these actions can help us get to? 

Q: As a gay man in agriculture, how has your own personal journey impacted how you see diversity and inclusion?

Q: In your own personal life, what kind of things do you want to do that reflect some of these initiatives?

Read more about David’s perspective on pride and prejudice and learn how Bader Rutter is increasing its commitment to diversity and inclusion in this piece.

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