Launching global brands using BAM

BAM is short for Brand Asset Management.

BAM is short for Brand Asset Management. It’s the proprietary model used by Bader Rutter and other BBN partners for developing foundational assets for brand strategies that drive business results. We spent 15 minutes talking with Rodger Jones, BAM director and co-developer, to share these top BAM facts:

1. BAM is for brands. Engagements have been conducted by Bader Rutter and BBN partners for over 200 brands from around the world, including BENEO, Case IH, Castrol, Corteva Agriscience, Dow, Eastman Chemical, GE Healthcare, Generac, John Deere, Kellogg’s, Lenovo Data Center Group, Lufthansa Cargo, Miller Electric, Pfizer Animal Health, ROCKWOOL, Telekom Malaysia, VideoJet, Yell and Zoetis.

2. BAM is global. BAM engagements span the globe in over 30 countries across six continents, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India.

3. At first there were four. The original development team was composed of four experienced brand strategists from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Rodger Jones was the USA co-developer from Bader Rutter. Today, there are over 20 BAM strategists across BBN agencies.

4. Five reasons to apply BAM. Key triggers prompt the need: 1) Launching new companies, products or services; 2) losing market share to a new competitive entry; 3) wanting to be more consistent in messaging and visual communications; 4) losing market share to generic pressure; and 5) building belief and enthusiasm for a brand among sales force.

5. Strategic planning is a team sport. That’s why we orchestrate creative and dynamic workshops with cross-functional stakeholders to collect the insights needed to build the strategy. With multiple workshops held for each brand, and an average workshop size of 15 participants, thousands have been engaged with BAM over the past 15 years.

BAM is digital.

All 44 tools across five key modules (Discovery, Future Identity and Position, Portfolio Strategy, Audience Needs and Internal Activation) are available in a web-based environment fostering collaboration with cross-functional teams across geographies and multiple web-based platforms.

About BBN

BBN is the number one international B2B marketing and communications agency, comprising B2B agencies working in 66 offices in 32 countries. BBN serves over 300 clients from 23 different B2B sectors, offering them the best of both worlds – access to global knowledge sharing as well as local market expertise.

About the Author

For more than 30 years, Rodger Jones has contributed to building business for clients through brand management, strategic planning, creative thinking and concept development. Rodger also has worked for several U.S. agencies and in Manchester and London, U.K. He is a co-developer of Bader Rutter’s proven and effective Brand Asset Management (BAM) model. Be careful, he may want to define your personal brand essence and position.