DuraCor® herbicide

Re-imagining cattle ranching as grass farming.


Applying DuraCor® expands grasslands while reducing weeds, which translates to cheaper feed and healthier, heavier cattle. Unfortunately, most cattle ranchers don’t think they need herbicide for their pastures since they primarily focus on raising their herds.


We engaged progressive, well-known ranchers to discuss the importance of weed-free grass to their own operations. To them, great cattle producers must consider themselves great grass farmers too. This simple insight grew sales more than 20%.

To cattle producers, print still matters.

We invested heavily in high-impact print since magazines remain the most relied-upon information source for our market. We turned to industry-recognized leaders to elevate the importance of grass as a plentiful, renewable, lowest-cost feed source.

Real ranchers telling real stories.

Broadcast played a key role in telling these personal stories, which were recorded unscripted. The crew filmed our three ranchers going about their workdays, telling their stories in their words. These slices of real life played brilliantly in TV’s most popular cattle production show — Cattlemen to Cattlemen. We even worked out a sponsorship for a seven-minute educational segment and a fully sponsored 60-minute “grass farming” show to highlight the features and benefits of DuraCor®.



A social focus on the producer’s lifestyle.

The immediacy of social media, paid and earned, provided another rich outlet to celebrate cattle producers and the products benefits. Like most ag segments, cattle producers find great pride and passion in their business, making it as much a lifestyle as a job.

We drove visits. And closed sales.

Every touchpoint of our integrated plan directed audiences to our product page on the website. This page became the most-visited of any Corteva Agriscience product during our campaign, nearly doubling the next-most-visited page’s unique visits and doubling the average time on site, lengthening it from 2:06 to 4:19. Our banner CTR was 3x the industry average, direct and referral web traffic scored over 60,000 unique visits, and, most importantly, the Year 1 sales for DuraCor helped grow Corteva’s weed control segment by over 20%.