Who Needs a Dentist? Horses Do.

There is more to equine dental health than winning smiles and pearly whites.

Dental health is so critical to overall horse well-being that horse owners and enthusiasts alike recognize February as Equine Dental Health Awareness Month. We helped Zoetis launch an educational marketing campaign to create awareness of the behavioral symptoms associated with underlying equine dental problems. To maintain authenticity, this campaign included zero product mentions as it educated horse owners and encouraged them to schedule dental examinations for their animals.

The Zoetis Equine Dental Health Awareness campaign featured a horse owner-targeted survey and sweepstakes component. The survey’s intent was to gather insights that would facilitate conversations with veterinarians about how to increase services and revenue for their practices through dental consultation and examinations. We promoted the survey through a strategic mix of creative social media content and advertising, paid publication partnerships, targeted horse owner emails and public relations efforts. The campaign attracted 1.8 million print and online impressions, garnering nearly 4,500 completed horse owner surveys.

Not only did the campaign create awareness for underlying dental issues among horse owners, it also escalated the importance of regular dental exams and helped Zoetis drive business for veterinarians. And ultimately, that drove more product use for DORMOSEDAN®, a sedative from Zoetis commonly used during dental procedures.

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