The D&I Digest: August 2021

Featured in this issue: Women’s Equality, a feature on a local organization, Google’s inclusive marketing initiative and a Lead2Change workshop success. 

BR is committed to increasing and retaining diversity of thought, experience and background of our talent base at every level and function, and to actively creating a culture of belonging that embraces all of our employees as they are – because if we’re going to fully serve our clients, we need to show up as our full selves. Our goal is to develop a cross-functional team of employees and agency leaders that celebrates our people, delights our clients, better solves problems, and promotes a passion for diversity and inclusion. 

How We Celebrate Women

We asked, and you answered. Rotate through the carousel to see how our employees actively support women in their day-to-day lives. We invite you to choose one and personally put it into practice.

Five Ways to Support Women Now 

Through workplace culture, D&I efforts, client-side endeavors and more, we all benefit by recognizing and supporting women. We break down some “how-tos” and resources for you, here.  

Supporting the economy of women makers, doers and shakers is more important than ever. Put your dollars where your values are, and help to uplift women making their mark in the world. Check out this list of Milwaukee women and their shops. Do you know a woman-owned business? Add it to the list!

Many of us have completed diversity and equality training over the years, but how many times have you used it? How many moments have you stepped in or spoke up or diverted a situation to support your female peers? Take a refresher course if you need it, and be diligent in actively listening and supporting women in the workplace.

Seventy-six percent of people say mentors are important, but only 37% have one. Female mentorship is a strategy that paves the way to reducing the gender gap in the workplace. This relationship is one of nurturing and empowerment and allows for new opportunities, growth and learning. Focusing less on instruction and more on collaboration can foster long-lasting partnerships and solutions to give more women their rightful seats at the table. Get started on finding or becoming a mentor, here.

Additional support for women, children and families is made possible through charities and nonprofits. These spread awareness, create visibility and raise funds, yet make up only 3.3% of the nonprofit sector and 1.6% of all charitable giving. To help improve these numbers, BR is supporting 3 local charities this month:

  • Located in West Allis, and a branch of Children’s Wisconsin hospital, Robyn’s Nest provides clothing, hygiene products, books and more to foster families. From newborns to adults, community donations help serve more than 1,200 people every year. With access to these resources, more focus can be put on opportunities and less on access to basic necessities that everyone deserves to have.
  • Looking to help Robyn’s Nest with us? BR is donating funds to purchase high-priority back-to-school items, and we’re looking for a few people to help us shop! Sign up here if interested. You can also donate items from the lists linked here. General school supplies and backpacks for middle schoolers and high schoolers are needed most. We’ll be collecting items through 8/16, and you can drop them off in the labeled box in the workstation across from Theresa Richie’s desk, located on the 1st floor of the Milwaukee office near the concierge station.
  • BR is also providing monetary contributions to two additional charities. The Chicago Foundation for Women supports women and girls in receiving equitable access to health care and services, economic security and opportunity, and freedom from violence. The Milwaukee Women’s Center provides treatment and services to women, men and children that have been affected by domestic violence, addiction, mental health issues, homelessness and poverty.

There are hundreds of things you can do right now to support women in the workplace. Use these three as starting points:

  • Implement a “no interruption” policy and enforce it.
  • Encourage women to stop apologizing or saying “sorry” before sharing an idea or asking a question.
  • Amplify the ideas women have in meetings. By reiterating a thought shared and attributing it to the woman who offered it, you endorse worthy ideas and ensure the appropriate person is remembered for them.

Women’s Equality Focus Feature — LUNA

Volunteer Contributors: Michaella Hader and Jess Ayala 

LUNA — Latinas Unidas en las Artes — is a Latinx, women-focused and nonbinary artist collective here in Milwaukee. I had the privilege to digitally “sit down” with one of BR’s associate broadcast producers, Jess Ayala, to learn about this group and what it means to her.

“It’s a beautiful support system in a space where you need to be constantly selling yourself,” Jess said.

And when women are found selling themselves short, LUNA is there to uplift and remind its artists that they can and should be asking for more. Made even richer by unique Latinx experiences, artists’ work often reflects family history, upbringing and more that highlights the group’s diversity yet interconnects them via shared empathy and support. This expression of themselves and their culture fosters an environment where art can be made unapologetically, equitably and safely. Check out their amazing work, support their mission and watch where they go next.

Google All-in

A few years ago, Google started an Inclusive Marketing initiative to focus on building and creating a better-represented media and creative landscape. Recently, it published and shared its initial findings and principles in an effort to guide companies and teams to think of inclusion as more than just a box to check.

As an advertising agency, Bader Rutter is in an advantageous position to tell real and authentic stories. Although the creative may be what the outside world sees, inclusive creative starts by building out diverse teams and the development of an inclusive strategy, all with the goal of reaching your target audiences.

Whether you’re a strategist, account executive, or a creative or media planner, Inclusive Marketing is an ever-growing resource to aid yourself, your team and BR to foster inclusive thinking. I encourage everyone to read (and bookmark) Google’s findings to challenge the way you approach your day-to-day activities.


Lead2Change Workshop Success

Volunteer Contributors: Amber Williams and Devin Martin 

On Thursday, July 22, Amber Williams presented a LinkedIn Profile Workshop to over 20 Lead2Change students. Amber went into great detail with them on how and why a robust LinkedIn profile was useful professionally. She gave them solid tips on what to list, what to hold back on and how often to update. Amber made the experience relatable by using her own profile as a guide and sharing personal stories of her school and career journey. As always, the students were incredibly attentive and appreciative. Kudos, Amber!

Want to help the D&I Leadership Council? Have an idea on something that should be highlighted next month? Send us a note.

Let’s Do This

Dig in further on our SharePoint site that highlights our four pillars. 

Learn More: BR supports each employee’s process of self-discovery about topics related to diversity, inclusion and belonging. We do this by providing resources and opportunities for employees to educate themselves.

Listen Harder: BR leadership commits to listening to employees about topics related to diversity, inclusion and belonging, and encourages employees to have open and honest conversations with each other. We do this by providing a range of feedback channels and spaces for discussion.

Change Faster: BR executes on action plans to become a more diverse and inclusive organization that fosters a sense of belonging. We do this by providing training for our employees, implementing talent acquisition plans and tracking our progress.

Give More: BR gives of its resources to support diversity, inclusion and belonging, and encourages employees to do the same. We do this by offering our employees service days, partnering with local organizations on pro bono work and making monetary donations.