The Film 

What does a camera from 1902 reveal about women today? Tintype photographer Margaret Muza shows what happens when you remove filters, Photoshop and assumptions to really see the beauty of a single perfectly imperfect moment.  

During two days of portraits and intense interviews, a group of Milwaukee women leaders reveal more than expected — their challenges, inspirations, stumbles and victories — and their hopes for those women who follow in their footsteps.  

The first woman to open a bank in Wisconsin. A Black woman changing the face of Milwaukee marketing. A trailblazing lawyer who stepped away from Big Law. These women and others reveal what it takes to lead in their careers and in our communities — and why it’s so important for more women to lead today.  

We have been honored to share Direct Positive with film festival audiences nationwide, and proud to be awarded Best Documentary at the San Francisco Documentary Festival!





Direct Positive has also been recognized by our industry peers with multiple award honors — and it’s a big deal to us to be honored by some of the best minds in the business.  


Best Purpose-Led Initiative



Best Use of Creative


Emotion in Action


ProBono Campaigns

And that’s just the beginning…

Working with TEMPO, we’ve sparked a lot of great conversations, by sharing Direct Positive as part of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs at companies nationally and globally. Interested in sharing Direct Positive at your company? Visit to learn how.  


Sarah Kmet-Hunt

Executive Creative Director, Writer

Kate Martin

Associate Creative Director, Writer

Margaret Muza

Tintype Artist

Jessica Ayala 



Gina Tomilonus

Art Director


Linda Hogan



Jen Dirks



Andy Gorzalski

Executive Producer

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Future public screenings and opportunities to see the tintype portraits Margaret Muza created during filming will be posted as dates become available.