Some may call me the Grinch.

(Well, that is me in the mask)

I bet most would agree that the three words that immediately come to mind to describe 2020 are “stink,” “stank” and “stunk.” But if you dig a little deeper and really think about what we learned from Mr. Grinch, you’ll find so much to be thankful for this year. For me, one of those things is our BR clients.

You invite us into your world and make us feel at home.

This is an honor that we take personally. You share your challenges, your future plans, your hopes and what keeps you up at night. We appreciate that openness and partnership deeply. It drives us to dream big and help you succeed.

You allow us to say “we.”

This may seem like a funny thing to be thankful for, but I’m always struck by how welcoming it is that, immediately upon working with new clients, “they” becomes “we” to our BR teams. In our conversations with you, we discuss “our” competition, “our” sales teams and “our” goals. Thank you for allowing us to be “we.”

You make us want to be better.

Have you ever noticed how you run faster with someone than you do running alone? That’s what your partnership does for us. When we are with you, we push ourselves to be our best, bring the best ideas and be the most creative.

Thank you for all of these things and much more.

The Grinch taught us that this time of year is not about gifts — however, we still think they are really fun to give! So be sure to pick out something from BR Outfitters via the link in this issue. And our best wishes for the season and the coming new year!

About the Author

Tom Posta has over 25 years of experience in account management with a demonstrated history of working in marketing and advertising across multiple B2B industries, including agriculture and healthcare. At BR, Tom is our Chief Client Officer and responsible for overall client experience and leading the account management function. A member of the executive leadership team and board of directors, Tom is charged with collaborating with other executives at BR to set our short and long term growth strategy.

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