#DearDairy Farmers

Why we’re writing letters to a cow.

2020 has been a tumultuous year for dairy farmers. March came barreling in and dairy surplus hit an all-time high when COVID-19 challenged our supply chain. Farmers were being asked (and sometimes even told) to dump milk because supply far exceeded demand. It was an industry in crisis, though it’s on the road to recovery. Despite all this food banks never stopped needing milk. To help change this narrative, we helped Zoetis create a cause-marketing campaign, #DearDairy.

We’ve asking people to celebrate June Dairy Month this year by visiting DearDairyLetters.com and share a letter of appreciation to a person, place or thing in the dairy industry. Letters will be matched with donations to The Great American Milk Drive, a Feeding America initiative to provide food banks with milk. This initiative shines a positive light on the dairy farmer and milk specifically, at a time when the industry needs it most.

To celebrate National Dairy Month, David Jordan, chief growth officer, shared more of his passion for dairy with us. Grab your favorite milk and learn why everything David knows he owes to a dairy cow in this article.

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