What does ‘great work’ mean at BR?

We sat down with Ned Brown, chief creative officer, and Jeff Young, CEO, to unpack more on our North Star and the path to creating meaningful, effective and captivating work.

Define what great work means to you here at Bader Rutter?

It starts with solving a problem.

How does the North Star guide the work we do for our clients?

It’s about a marriage of work that is both effective and captivating. And our North Star provides a simple beacon to achieve that.

What is an idea-first culture?

It’s a state of mind.

And how do you get to those good ideas?

It’s like a hallway with a lot of doors. You must unlock the right one.

Is there a formula for great work?

It’s more like a set of ingredients.

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About the Author

Ned Brown is chief creative officer and part of the Executive Leadership Team at Bader Rutter. He joined BR in early 2018. In that time, he has bolstered a strong foundation of creative talent already in the agency with over 30 new creative hires from all over the country and world. In his life before Bader Rutter, Ned spent 20+ years helping shape brands like Porsche, adidas, Audi and Apple. His work has been awarded in the Effies, Cannes, One Show, Ogilvy, Shortys, Awwwards, AICP, CA, Clios, and even a few film festivals. He lives with his wife and daughter in a 140-year-old home in Milwaukee, which is slightly drafty in the dead of winter.

About the Author

Jeff Young is CEO and president of Bader Rutter. At his core, he is a builder with a passion for helping clients grow their businesses and brands. In fact, he has been helping build Bader Rutter for the past 30 years. Tireless problem-solving is a hallmark of Jeff, and his belief is that the closer we are to the client’s customer, the smarter we can be on their behalf.