The three factors that will shape food production in 2022.

Over the past two years, persistent disruptions in supply chains and consumer behavior forced food producers to adapt far more quickly than usual. Yet brands have used the tumult to reshape sourcing policies, refocus how they define “good” and reframe their brand stories. We’ve seen three major trends dominate these changes and expect them to further shape the industry in 2022.

With these three topics proving so dominant in the national dialogue, we recommend all food and beverage marketers devote some time to formalizing their perspectives and policies on each. You do not necessarily have to take any actions now, but preparing for these to become potential issues in 2022 makes for a prudent practice. Proactivity beats reactivity every time.

Here’s wishing you and your business strength and prosperity in the coming year.

The Intel Distillery Team

About the Author

Nick has worked in the food industry for decades with brands like Unilever, Nestle Waters, Creekstone Farms Beef, Starbucks and Idaho Potatoes.

Nick is the architect of The Intel Distillery™ our proprietary look at the food production system.  By leveraging our databases, we track and understand influential voices in the industry.

When he’s not combing for insights, Nick is an underemployed bicycle mechanic and  juniors cycling coach.