The Social Trend Forecast

Social Media Trends B2B Marketers Should Know

1. B2B marketers consider social media an essential channel for strategic marketing, according to 93% of CMOs. (Source)


2. Businesses use social media for much more than brand awareness. Other uses include improving the customer experience, engaging employees, extending events, facilitating 1:1 dialogue, collecting data, and generating leads and web traffic.

3. Authentic short-form video continues to dominate. It accounts for the majority of ad revenue across social media apps, with videos under one minute earning 2.5x more engagement than longer forms. (Source)


4. The social media experience has shifted to more viewing and less posting. Influencer partnerships can fuel short-term video demand. They also create another trustworthy touch point with audiences.

5. Users prefer to stay in the app when consuming content. Use video instead of sending users off-app to website experiences.


6. Similarly, LinkedIn and Facebook lead gen forms create better user experiences than driving to website form fills.

7. Watch for new “thought leadership” and “Document” ad units from LinkedIn.


8. Social shopping is the new normal. Social commerce sales generated $492 billion in 2021 and are expected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2025. (Source)


9. More and more customers prefer interacting with companies on social media to make pre-sale inquiries and solve issues.

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