The SMEs are coming … from inside the agency.

Thought leadership shouldn’t be speculation.
It should come from subject matter experts embedded into your agency team.

Legitimate experience molds acumen. An appreciation for real-world knowledge is becoming more prevalent in agencies — particularly B2B ones — because today, clients’ B.S. detectors are finely tuned; the response time they demand has never been faster; and authenticity is more crucial than ever to every press release, banner ad and landing page they publish.

At Bader Rutter, we build teams of people who not only have experience in their roles, but also in their fields (some, quite literally). This full team-building focus led us to enlist influencers for our agency long before “influencers” became a thing. We look for people who not only understand the people behind the industries we serve but empathize with them, because they are them. Or recently were.

Here’s how we’ve done this across the many industries we serve:

It All Started in Agriculture

Bader Rutter wouldn’t have gotten its grounding and spread its influence without the countless people who’ve worked at our agency while also actively working in agriculture. We created our “Boots on the Ground” initiative to tap into these experts at any time – whetherto keep up on the latest trends, utilize their insider knowledge during a PR crisis, or exhaust their insights in a brainstorm.

Check out a piece written about ‘Do what you love; love what you do’ by Lori Hallowell.

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A Frontline Perspective on Pet Care

There are so many underlying complexities to animal wellness — especially given the notable uptick of pet insurance providers, the rapid development of pet pharmaceuticals, and the overwhelming willingness of consumers to spend heavily in these industries. That’s why we have brought in [veteran veterinarian employees, former pet insurance staff, and experts in animal wellness and pharmaceuticals] to our team.

Check out a piece written about ‘What I Learned Between Global Pet Expo and VMX’ by Blair McConnel.

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Placing Back-of-House Front and Center for Food and Bev

There’s a special language spoken in a chef’s kitchen. And learning how to speak that language isn’t something you can pick up from watching a few episodes of “The Bear.” We hire culinary experts who’ve lived that back-of-house life: people who understand a chef’s unique challenges and can keep up as food and beverage trends continually change.

Want to learn how popular food trends develop over time? Check out the ‘Consumers’ Favorite Flavors Start in Foodservice’ by Chef Laoise Rubio, practice lead of foodservice at BR.

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As more clients benefit from thought leadership provided by our embedded subject matter experts, we feel even more confident in our agency’s practice of creating teams that are not only experts in marketing disciplines but in the industries they serve as well.

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While B2C leans on influencers to push their products,
B2B utilizes keen minds who know how business ACTUALLY works.