The Early Bird Gets the Worm. The Earlier Team Earns the Coverage

To help busy agricultural reporters make their deadlines, we started early.

Like 5:30 a.m. early. That’s when we transported trade press from key agricultural outlets to the media tent for Day 1 of the jam-packed 2023 Farm Progress Show. Once there, they found newsworthy stories and Corteva Agriscience spokespeople lined up and ready.

Wearing custom “Wake Up to Peak Performance” T-shirts, the Corteva representatives welcomed reporters with hot coffee and a good breakfast to give them a good start on the day’s news.

Scheduling our event for an hour that print, online and broadcast reporters told us was the earliest ever led to unprecedented coverage of the news and topics important to Corteva Agriscience. Every reporter who registered attended, including one publishing group that wired in virtually. Better still, a Meltwater data review revealed some very impressive numbers:

In our recently instituted system, the coverage earned a 94 PR Impact Score, an amazing achievement for earned results due to how we controlled so much of the conversation, messaging and experience.