TEMPO Brand Refresh

Celebrating an all-female BR creative team

TEMPO is a professional women’s organization that connects its members with one another and the community. In celebration of the organization’s 45th anniversary in 2020, an all-female team at Bader Rutter refreshed TEMPO’s look to capture its mission to elevate women and their contributions to business and our community.

Here’s what the project meant to the team that brought the work to life:

Linda Hogan, Chief Operating Officer

The BR team really dug into the essence of what TEMPO gives its members and expressed it in a way that was so strong, inspirational and forward-thinking. As a member of TEMPO, I feel proud.

For an organization that encourages and supports the power of women, I could think of no better way to honor that than to tap the talents of an all-female creative team. The work gave goosebumps to all who saw it, as it captured the essence of what TEMPO is so perfectly.

To our all-female team, this was not just an assignment. It was a calling. We believe and support so strongly the mission of TEMPO. We felt privileged to bring it to life.

Laura Denissen, Business Strategist

The heart and drive rooted in the essence of every TEMPO member was so crystal clear that it infiltrated our team of women to relentlessly do the same. We all wanted in.

We all resoundingly wanted to bring their message to light and resonate with crystal clarity. Each of us played our respective instrument in this orchestra. We embodied the core truth ourselves; there was strength in harmony — in the work and for the work.

When I saw what was created, it gave me the feeling of “Yes. This is exactly it. I am in awe. I am moved. And I (%*&$) want in.” This was compassionately intense work. This is what I (we/us/they/them – all) live for.

Hell, yeah, the world moves when women rise.

Sarah Kmet-Hunt, Executive Creative Director

The passion and drive of each and every woman in TEMPO made this a creative’s dream project to work on. It’s always amazing when you have a chance to work on a brand that has a simple yet profound core truth — one that makes a difference in the community and in the world. It’s doubly amazing when that core philosophy and spirit rings true with you on a personal level. I’m honored that this inspiring team of women put their trust in us to help them bring their voices and their truth to life.

Kate Martin, Associate Creative Director
The power of this work comes straight from the women of TEMPO — their voices, their passion, their goals for the future of the organization and their community. All of this came through in the research and inspired the work. When you live it and believe it, the truth shines through, and we, as a creative team, were moved by that and tapped into it — truly a dream project that I’m honored to have been a part of.



Gina Tomilonus, Designer

It was an honor to be a part of this team and even more so to learn from and grow with such strong and resilient women. I look forward to many more projects with this team, and I feel so very lucky to have such fantastic female role models to aspire toward in an industry that often lacks exactly that.



Liz Roberts, Planner

“Honored” is a word that keeps coming up to describe how it felt to get to work on this project, and that captures how I feel, too. Getting to speak to some of the members of TEMPO, hearing their stories firsthand — there is nothing more inspiring. This brand is not just the organization; it’s the women who make up the organization. It’s a pleasure to get to work on something so meaningful and human.

This was also one of the most cohesive teams I’ve ever worked on. It felt like we were almost always on the same page, and I think it’s because we each found something in the story of TEMPO that resonated with us on a personal level. Not to mention, the work was just plain fun! Between working with our internal team and our clients at TEMPO, it was a joy from start to finish. I feel very grateful that TEMPO trusted us with something that was so precious.