Serving Up 2023 Social Media Trends

It’s that time of year. December is giving 2023 social media trend predictions. We interviewed our social media team for their hot takes, which focus on four key trends: authenticity, new platforms that users are migrating to, raw and interactive video content formats, and working with microinfluencers. 


“Authenticity has become more and more of a determining factor for success,” said Brian Wilman, account coordinator. “Overly edited images and videos are being replaced by relatable, real-time content. Filter-free content is all the rage on platforms like TikTok and BeReal. This goes to show that people want to interact with human beings in relatable situations with realistic personalities.” 

“Lo-fi, mobile-shot videos are winning over audiences because they come across as more authentic in feeds than highly produced video content,” said Kate Newman, associate director. “People want an unperfected, in-the-moment look at influencers’ lives; behind-the-scenes content; and company culture. Because anyone who has a mobile device can be a content creator, the speed and volume of social media content production needs to match consumption. Agencies and clients must consider how to keep up by rethinking the scale of production crews and duration of the internal, external and legal review process to appear authentic.”  

Platform Migration 

Account Supervisor Emily Sturrock immediately exclaimed: “BeReal! It’s rare to see a little blip of a social app make an impact — remember Clubhouse? But BeReal’s philosophy resonates. It’s thrilling to see close friends and family show up and post something in the moment, unfiltered, with a time limit. What I love about my community shines through with so much authenticity! I’m loving the social trends that feel like a quick-hit activity that doesn’t drag you into a scroll hole or create the desire to buy something.” 

“It’s exciting to see how brands position themselves on different platforms — especially TikTok,” said Erica Noonan, senior account executive. “I’ve seen quite a few brands who traditionally post serious content on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn but use TikTok as a space for silly, bold and even self-deprecating content. In 2023, I see brands continuing to tailor content for each platform, leveraging TikTok to let loose and tap into trends.” 

Account Supervisor Eric Nielsen said: “Twitter will not be a viable brand platform by the end of 2023 due to the actions taken by Elon Musk. With a lack of new features;rise of hate speech on the platform; andpolicies that look to alienate celebrities, journalists and well-known power users,the viability of this platform will dwindle as more brands revert back to Meta platforms, TikTok, Snapchat, or even explore Reddit to find online communities.” He also added: “They don’t have strong brand safety guidelines to ensure that ads don’t appear next to inflammatory content.”

Raw and Interactive Video  

“As social media hedges further into a multimedium approach, trends predict a shift toward the ‘Internet of Senses,’ where integrated channel experiences reign supreme,” said Lauren Van Newenhizen, account executive. “Spurred by the metaverse takeover, brands will likely begin exploring social content creation through the lens of their consumers. By providing them with thumb-stopping experiences, such as digital malls or Facebook audio rooms, brands can activate the senses of sight, sound and even smell to influence decision-making behavior and spark emotional connections.” 

Account Executive Alexa Carlson said: “I see Instagram Reels growing exponentially, narrowing the gap and lag in trends between Instagram and its competitor, TikTok. As a result, I also see short-form audio being commodified, perhaps leading to an emergence of creators who specialize in mixing or optimizing sound bites for brands hoping to inspire their audience to use their original audios as a new form of gaining reach!” 


Microinfluencers have a greater effect on brands, social platforms and audiences than you may think. As Account Executive Savanah Cruz said: “From high engagement to on-the-go interaction, microinfluencers are the future for long-term campaigns as they gain extensive reach and attention. Plus, more people are likely to join a ‘new’ platform if they want access to an influencer’s content [e.g., TikTok], stimulating growth for the influencer, the platform and the brand.” 

Cruz added: “Additionally, the authenticity that microinfluencers bring taps into the new ‘wave’ of natural, unscripted content that is guiding the landscape of social platforms such as Instagram, creating a more trustworthy environment for users. This propels into brands gaining more visibility on branded/sponsored content in tandem with brand loyalty from their consumers/followers.” 

About the Author

Kate Newman has over 10 years of experience leading and implementing social media strategies to help businesses connect with their target audiences and grow their footprint online. She has led paid and organic social strategy development for Fortune 500 companies across agriculture, appliance, CPG, food, and technology categories. Her motivation and collaborative spirit have helped deliver breakthrough social content across 10 social media networks. What’s Kate’s M.O.? To make your brand or business relevant through social media.