Reaching the right audience at the right time.

Getting our message to golf course supervisors with weather-triggered social media ads.

Whether you are Tiger Woods’ or Phil Mickelson’s biggest fan, or if watching golf puts you to sleep, it is probably safe to say you know what a golf course looks like. What words come to mind when you think about its appearance? A few adjectives jump out to us, including pristine, green, lush, impeccable, manicured and beautiful — to name a few.

Making golf courses look immaculate is no easy feat. That constant maintenance demands countless hours of meticulous planning and backbreaking work from its stewards: golf course superintendents. From extreme heat to floods, protecting that turf and those greens from the suddenness and severity of changing weather conditions is a 24/7/365 concern.

Corteva Agriscience’s Turf & Ornamental division wanted to arm these golf course pros with agronomic best practices for inclement weather to help them make the best decisions protecting their courses and directing their staff.

Customized and Targeted

We delivered customized, personalized weather-triggered ads through social media geotargeting for specific regions impacted by national weather events. Positioning our turf care and management tips to protect against a storm’s damage elevated its relevancy.

We’d start with a reminder of preventive measures and safety plans in the days leading up to a storm and follow up with turf recovery steps at an appropriate time after a storm. In this context, the messages felt less like ads and more like helpful reminders.

Using social media also allowed our team to be nimble — adjusting in real time to the trajectory of the storm to ensure our content reached the people who could benefit most from the tips and information.

The Result

These weather-triggered ads ended up working like monster drives right down the middle of the fairway. Engagement with the social ads drove traffic to the website because the context of the content resonated. We provided the right audience with the right tips and tools at the right time.

No, you can’t always find a magic bullet for every need every single time. The question is: What can you do to make sure you customize and personalize your messages and get them seen by your target? If you’re not sure about that, let’s talk. We have lots of ideas.