Plans for our new presidents

Why two presidents are better than one

The recent announcement of Bader Rutter naming two senior executives as president might be a twist in traditional models, but is arguably one that will maximize resources and talent.

We asked David and Tom a few questions about the benefits and boundaries of this approach as well as what they hope to tackle this year:


It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have big goals and ambitions for our organization and the services we provide to our clients, both present and future. I love a good challenge any day of the week. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that tackling challenges, especially big ones, is better with friends – or as I call them, brain buddies. I think a big benefit of the co-presidency is that Tom and I can align on key efforts and directions, but then divide and conquer to fiercely champion our client’s success. This will allow our clients and teams more focus and attention on the things that matter most.

My key focus will be on the continued strengthening of our business and business expansion. Making sure we are nurturing agency offerings, including strengthening our business and marketing consultation, that helps crystalize effectiveness in marketing and work alongside many to expand Bader Rutter’s national profile and highlight work that drives our clients’ business growth.


I agree with everything David said and will add that I’m excited to partner with David and all of you to have our strongest years ahead. I think diversity of thought and opinion make for stronger, better outcomes and we all know David is the yin to my yang. Together, we are a formidable team. We promise close collaboration and partnership to ensure alignment and avoid mixed messaging while committing to a clear delineation of duties to work as efficiently as possible.

To that end, for 2022, while David will primarily focus on strengthening our business, my lead focus will be on strengthening our infrastructure. Making sure we have the people, resources, systems and processes for smooth pursuit of our North Star — the most captivating and effective work possible.

Both leaders also stressed they will rely on three key tenets to ensure progress: focus, collaboration and innovation.

what initiatives will make the biggest impact on our people and our work?

are the right teams put together to ensure diverse, interesting, effective work that pushes the norm; and do we have the right environment to encourage collaboration?

have we put the BR stamp on it? Are we putting our best foot forward to solve client problems in a way that will gain attention and impact their business?