Is being no. 1 really all that?

“You work hard for yourself, not for the recognition.”

When I was younger, I tried to believe that; but in my heart of hearts, I have always felt that recognition is an important validation for hard work. Now fast forward 40+ years and Bader Rutter recently clinched the coveted “Number 1” status by three important industry organizations.

BR was named #1 B2B marcomm agency in the United States.

BR was named #1 AgriMarketing Agency in the U.S.

BR was named #1 Global B2B marcomm agency with global partner, BBN.

In B2B Marketing’s recent industry report, Bader Rutter is named the #1 U.S. B2B marcomm agency for 2019. And our global agency partner, BBN International, is recognized as the #1 international B2B marcomm agency. Additionally, AgriMarketing magazine recognized Bader Rutter as the leading agricultural marketing communications firm.

And it feels great. I am beaming with pride and gratitude for both our loyal clients and dedicated staff.  I want to stand at the pretend podium and take a minute to recognize who and what got us here.

Our Clients

We’ve served some major clients for over four decades, through mergers and business resets. And every day, we worked hard to earn their trust all over again. In fact, we like to seal client communications with a promise: At Bader Rutter, we will be fierce champions of your success. Because our business demands aggressive advocacy. And when you are in a true partnership, it’s personal.

We know how hard our clients’ jobs are. Running a brand challenges both your intelligence and endurance. With all the moving parts, assessing and answering the constantly shifting priorities of any business demands focus far beyond the 9-to-5. Clients need to dream big but stay real. Without our client partnerships, the work we do would not be possible.

Our People

With close to 275 full-time associates, Bader Rutter is a full-service agency providing advertising, PR, social, design, experiential, and the entire suite of digital and data services. I am also proud that we provide a level of consulting beyond typical agencies, as our staff is anything but typical. We have farmers, ex-CMOs, veterinarians and entrepreneurs on the payroll.

Just like our clients, we get up early and stay up late. We make it our business to know their business and their audiences better than anyone. Because we care. Our teams integrate and collaborate better than anyone in the business — both in person and via Zoom. We work hard and push hard, together. We push each other every day to be better and do better for each other and for our client partners. Because it works and because it matters.

The way we see it, our No. 1 job is to help our clients advance their dreams for their brands: dreams of more share, new markets and deeper loyalty.

Our job is mixing those dreams with cement to make them solid, concrete and real. And that is the most rewarding part of the job. Well, that and the recognition of all that hard work. I toast our client partners and our Bader Rutter colleagues — cheers to No. 1!

About the Author

Jeff Young is CEO and President of Bader Rutter. At his core, he is a builder with a passion for helping clients grow their businesses and brands. In fact, he has been helping build Bader Rutter for the past 30 years. Tireless problem solving is a hallmark of Jeff; and his belief is that the closer we are to the clients’ customer, the smarter we can be on their behalf.