Happy Mother’s Day! (Or is it?)

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and many marketers have already started pitching their brands as perfect gifts, solutions and ideas to commemorate mom.

But does everyone celebrate? Notsomuch. For some — whether haunted by miscarriage, infertility, or sick or passed-away moms — this holiday should be announced with a trigger warning instead of a cute emoji.

That said, a few brands stood out in the crowd to me for their emotional awareness and understanding that this day isn’t a happy one for all. Peloton, Stitch Fix, Hello Adorn and many more sent out emails with headlines like “We understand that this time of year isn’t easy for all” or “If you’d rather not receive Mother’s Day emails, just let us know” — including opt-out buttons making it easy for consumers to take care of themselves this Mother’s Day.

With one of the golden rules of marketing being “know your audience,” it’s a good reminder for brands to step away from their locked-in editorial calendars and consider their customers first — to consider them in real life as a person and not as a lead-generated or sale-made persona on paper.

In fact, it was my mom who taught me that a little kindness will always go a long way. How appropriate that reminder is today.

About the Author

Allison Madell’s career has specialized in food communications, with a focus on food commodities and producer marketing programs. She has created strategic integrated marketing campaigns for high-profile commodity accounts, including The Incredible, Edible Egg; the National Pork Board; The Mushroom Council; and Got Milk?

At Bader Rutter, Allison led the teams that developed breakthrough content for Corteva Corporate Communications, including the “millennial moms” blog, Plate-wise and the popular podcast: The Growing Debate. Bringing narratives to life through dimensionalized and differentiated content is what makes her happiest.

After work, you’ll most likely find her on her spin bike or cooking for friends and family.