Great stories galvanize.

When was the last time you felt moved?

Literally transported to another place or time. Inspired to act. Moved to tears or laughter. Tempted to change.

This captivating feeling is the holy grail of marketing, and good storytelling is at its core. Stories that galvanize. The beauty is that there are so many different ways to tell these stories of impact and influence.

It can be a video, a song, a headline, an image — even a word. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to trigger an emotion that triggers an action.

Another beautiful commonality is that stories that truly galvanize transcend age because they speak to emotion first. I’ve been in the marketing/communications business for 32 years now, and the same strong stories move me, my children and my younger colleagues.

David Jordan, said it best: “At Bader Rutter, we bolster logical arguments by looking for human connections in our strategies. Taking the time to find these emotional insights is always worthwhile. After all, before any of us put on the workday mindset of a marketer, warehouse manager or veterinarian, we are simply people — people who feel before we think.” You can read his full piece, here.

In this issue of the Download, we feature a few recent examples of client stories that galvanized me. I hope you feel the same:

  • The Pioneer ad that featured a women farmer moved not only me but also thousands of other people who jumped on social media to comment or engage, making this post viral.
  • The veterinary suicide statistics literally moved our agency to step up and volunteer to help bring hope to an industry in crisis.
  • The approachability, simplicity and likability of the M1 Finance monologues prompted me to download the app and share with my college-age kids for consideration. Two of us have started an investment challenge so far!
  • The docuseries about Zoetis Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike McFarland pulled me in, held my attention, and made me proud of the veterinary profession and want to fight even harder to protect it.

I invite you to dig into this issue for examples and find inspiration in stories that galvanize. I dare you not to be moved. And if you’re looking for ways to tell a story of your own, let’s connect:

About the Author

Allison Madell’s career has specialized in food communications, with a focus on food commodities and producer marketing programs. She has created strategic integrated marketing campaigns for high-profile commodity accounts, including The Incredible, Edible Egg; the National Pork Board; The Mushroom Council; and Got Milk?

At Bader Rutter, Allison led the teams that developed breakthrough content for Corteva Corporate Communications, including the “millennial moms” blog, Plate-wise and the popular podcast: The Growing Debate. Bringing narratives to life through dimensionalized and differentiated content is what makes her happiest.

After work, you’ll most likely find her on her spin bike or cooking for friends and family.