Dear Daughter … 

An open letter to the next generation of mothers in marketing.

Mothers often are revered among their children as light sources or energy centers of their families. And as women in marketing, our energy fuels ideas, collaboration and calls-to-action. But energy is not infinite, and with demands of both family and career in an increasingly fast-paced world, how can we ensure we’ll have enough energy to be successful in all that we strive to do?

This was something I struggled to balance as a single mother with a career in marketing. Being someone who wants to achieve success in all I do, how could I possibly “do it all” and do it well?

Here are a few things I learned along the way that may be helpful to the next generation of mothers in marketing:

  • When combining motherhood and career, there will always be a need to find balance. Accepting this can help you determine where you are needed when and what things are nonnegotiable.
  • You are being torn in two directions. You will feel guilty both at home and at work, but don’t beat yourself up. You are doing your best and your efforts will (either now or someday) be appreciated.
  • The idea of the superwoman is flawed. You can be a supermom, a super executive or super “whatever you wish” — but likely not all at one time. Pace yourself in a way that feels fulfilling, healthy and sustainable.
  • Perfection is a myth. Some days you’ll be better at work and some days you’ll be better at home.
  • In both spaces, demonstrate your commitment, be proud of your contributions and get credit for the good work you are doing.
  • If you have access to it, getting help at home from a spouse, a partner, a family member or a friend goes a long way in managing time. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Ask for what you need and be specific about it.
  • Prioritize what’s important and let go of what is not.
  • Set boundaries with your time; otherwise you risk running yourself ragged and will be little good to anyone, especially yourself.
  • YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH ARE CRUCIAL TO BEING YOUR BEST. Take a walk or read a book. Put down your phone and do something for you. Make time to rest, reflect, renew and revive.


Your energy is your power source. It can serve you and others in wonderful ways. Take care to nurture it so it can radiate strong and bright, fueling everything you wish to achieve and attain as you make your mark on the world.

About the Author

With more than 30 years at Bader Rutter, Linda Hogan currently serves as the chief operating officer and member of the executive leadership team guiding the agency in strategic initiatives. A champion of women in the workforce, Linda is an active member of TEMPO Milwaukee, an organization committed to further the impact of women leaders in the business community. As a committed change agent, Linda helped launch several agency culture programs including Health & Wellness, Women Supporting Women and Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council, among others.